Single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine

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Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Frequency: 28KHz-40KHZ
Function: Cleansing
Material: Stainless Steel SUS304
Trademark: Heweida
Made in: China


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Applications of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine: The machine is widely used in various industries such as mechanical engineering (cleaning mechanical parts, molds), the medical metal instrument manufacturing industry (cleaning medical instruments), jewelry manufacturing industry (cleaning and cleaning gold, silver, precious metals, stones, diamonds, etc.), electronic component manufacturing industry (cleaning circuit boards, etc.), automotive and motorcycle industries, eyewear industry, optical industry, etc.

Equipment Requirements:

Power Supply: 220V/50HZ Temperature: Normal temperature up to 100°C. It is recommended not to use the maximum temperature continuously for an extended period to avoid reducing the service life of the heating element and the cleaning machine.

Main Materials:

Stainless Steel: Japanese SUS304 stainless steel sheet, thickness δ2.0mm Ultrasonic Transducer (Probe): Imported brand “NTK” from Japan Ultrasonic Generator: Imported genuine brand. AC Contactor: Imported brand “Schneider” from France Temperature Control Equipment: Imported brand “Schneider” from France

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

 The ultrasonic cleaning machine utilizes the most advanced ultrasonic wave technology of the 21st century in the field of ultrasonic waves. The equipment uses high-end imported “Q” transducers and electronic component parts from world-renowned brands. In addition, the entire equipment is specially designed with a reasonable structure, reliable operation, and high efficiency, suitable for use with hanging components, and provides high cleaning efficiency for various types of cleaning agents. Furthermore, it operates flexibly and intelligently, making it convenient to use.

 The ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly composed of an ultrasonic transducer assembly (with control box), a probe, a cleaning tank, and a heating element. Among them, the ultrasonic transducer assembly generates electromagnetic oscillation signals and provides working energy to the machine. The ultrasonic transducer assembly can generate high-frequency ultrasonic signals of about 20KHZ, providing energy to the probe. The probe makes the ultrasonic generator emit electromagnetic oscillation signals and converts them into ultrasonic vibration for the machine. This process is also the process of converting energy from one form to another. At the same time, countless non-hydrolyzed gas bubbles are generated (the phenomenon of cavitation). At that time, on the surface of the object to be cleaned, it will explode, emitting a very strong shock wave that passes through the entire surface of the object, operating like an invisible broom, thereby helping the components to be cleaned effectively. Besides, heating is used to increase the effectiveness and speed of cleaning.

Outstanding General Features of the Machine:

Advanced noise reduction technology (commonly known as buzzing noise), ensuring that the noise in the cleaning environment is below 80 dB; The body of the tank applies double-sided welding technology, which will help prevent the cleaned components from falling out and extend the service life of the tank. Another advantage is that it helps the tank avoid the problem of residue accumulation during cleaning and is convenient for tank cleaning; Using thick stainless steel material (Japanese brand SUS304 steel sheet, thickness δ2.0mm), this material is useful for extending the service life of the machine and reducing corrosion; Using thick and hard chrome plating technology to ensure that on average each chrome plating layer is over 8 layers (usually 5 layers are sufficient). The application of this plating technology not only maintains the service life of the machine but also minimizes corrosion; Using imported original probe, stable operating power, strong function, even ultrasonic wave intensity, shortening the cleaning time to meet the purpose of reducing energy consumption during use; Fully digital ultrasonic vibration machine: It has a display for frequency, power, time, and the working time can be adjusted from 0-60 minutes. It also has ultrasonic wave scanning function. Our equipment has applied advanced technology in the field of fully automatic digital ultrasonic vibration machine production with an elegant appearance.

Device code Frequency Internal size


External dimensions





Heating capacity


HWD-2802S 28KHz-40KHZ 200×130×100 300×230×230 100 2.5 liter Do not heat
HWD-2806S 28KHz-40KHZ 280×210×210 470×370×320 300 12 liter There is heating
HWD-2812S 28KHz-40KHZ 380×290×300 520×430×510 600 30 liter 2KW/220V
HWD-2824S 28KHz-40KHZ 590×400×400 750×560×610 1200 112 liter 4KW/220V
HWD-2836S 28KHz-40KHZ 650×500×440 810×660×650 1800 143 lit 6KW/220V



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