The applications of ultrasonic cleaning machines

Ultrasonic cleaning machines can be used in the following industries:

1. Machinery Industry: Ultrasonic cleaning machines can remove grease, rust, clean measuring instruments, degrease and remove rust from mechanical parts, clean engines, carburetors, and automotive components, unclog and clean filters and screens, etc. Especially in the railway industry, it is suitable for degreasing, air conditioning pollution control in train compartments, rust removal, degreasing, and anti-rust treatment of locomotive parts.

2. Surface Treatment Industry: Pre-electroplating oil and rust removal, pre-ion plating cleaning, phosphating treatment, carbon residue removal, oxide residue removal, polishing powder removal, surface activation of metal blanks, etc.

3. Measurement Equipment Industry: Clean precision and high-precision component parts with high cleanliness requirements before assembly, etc.

4. Electronics Industry: Clean mechanical and electronic parts such as printed circuit boards, plastic molds, solder joints, high-voltage contacts, etc.

5. Medical Industry: Clean, sterilize, and disinfect medical equipment, clean laboratory instruments, etc.

6. Semiconductor Industry: Clean high-purity silicon wafers with high cleanliness.

7. Watch and Jewelry Industry: Clean mud, dust, oxide layers, polishing wax, etc.

8. Chemical and Biological Industry: Clean and remove residue from laboratory instruments.

9. Optical Industry: Remove oil, haze, fingerprints, dust, etc., from optical equipment.

10. Textile and Dyeing Industry: Clean weaving spindles, fiber drawing machines, etc.

11. Petrochemical Industry: Clean and scrape metal filters, clean containers and chemical exchange equipment, etc.

12. Other Applications: Removing liquid foam (eliminating dissolved air) in the production of optical materials, paper manufacturing, and some food-related fields.

13. New Energy: Clean batteries, casings, cells, electrodes.

14. New Energy Vehicles: Clean gearboxes, motors, casings.

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